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Getting Rid Of Dirty Roaches For Good In Your Bradenton Home


They are filthy, fast, and infuriating. Without seeing an image, most people would guess we're describing cockroaches. These dangerous insects bring dread and disease whenever they creep into your domain. It's such a relief that Westfall's Lawn and Pest provide the most advanced pest control and lawn care in Bradenton to quickly eliminate roaches, reestablishing your household's safety, health, and harmony. Read on to learn more about these insects and why partnering with us will be your best decision. 

How To Tell If You Have A Roach Problem In Your Home

If you're wondering what the warning signs of a cockroach infestation are, check out the five noticeable clues below: 

  1. Foul, musty, oily odors
  2. Shed skins near hiding places
  3. Egg capsules around moisture sources
  4. Droppings in large amounts
  5. Smear or smudge marks along horizontal surfaces

Give Westfall's Lawn and Pest a call right away if any of these signs look (or smell) familiar to you. 

The Health Hazards Roaches Bring Into Your Home

Have you ever heard of dysentery, gastroenteritis, listeriosis, cholera, salmonellosis, or campylobacteriosis? Assuming you haven't, these are infections you can contract from exposure to cockroaches, which is why you don't want them running rampant throughout your home. These "unhygienic scavengers," as the World Health Organization (WHO) describes them, carry a wide array of harmful pathogen and diseases, as mentioned above, which can make you and your family extraordinarily sick. Roaches can also spread bacteria, such as staphylococcus aureus, E. coli, and Streptococcus. If you want to maintain the health and safety of every household member, reach out to a reputable pest management company for highly reliable and professional cockroach control.

How And Why Roaches Find Their Way Into Your Home

When you're hungry, you search for food where it's plentiful, which is usually in your fridge or pantry. Cockroaches do the same thing, but at the expense of your health, security, and comfort. These intrusive insects have flattened bodies that allow them to slip into the narrowest crack or crevice in your home's structure. After they've gained entry, they'll find the darkest and most inaccessible places to hide, like behind or under kitchen appliances. At night, they'll emerge to forage for food. Even though cockroaches will feast on all the foods you and your family enjoy, they'll also dine on a wide range of inedible items, such as soap, hair, glue, toothpaste, feces, leather, and even their shed skins.

Therefore, cleaning your home regularly and filling in apparent breaches with a silicon-based caulk or similar substance is essential. Don't leave dirty dishes in the sink or allow your trash to fill up without adequately removing it. For more information on how to deter cockroaches, consult with your local past elimination company.

Call The Pros At The First Sign Of Roaches In Your Home

Whenever you catch that first glimpse of a roach scuttling across your floor, take that as a sign to contact professional cockroach pest control in Bradenton. Experienced specialists have the industry knowledge and modern equipment to rid your home of different types of cockroaches fast. Trendy at-home remedies or the latest do-it-yourself (DIY) method can't compete with the pros' superior results.

Taking a customer-focused approach, Westfall's Lawn and Pest have spent years delivering exceptional pest management solutions to our residents in Bradenton, and the surrounding areas, that they can trust. We provide advanced roach pest control to not only eradicate your existing infestation but also help prevent a new one from occurring. Need help determining what kind of pest is plaguing your household? No problem. Our friendly and responsive team will perform a free home evaluation promptly. So, get in touch with us today so we can help put you back on the path to pest-free living again.

"Jimmy was a lot of help for me and my family from the very beginning. His professionalism and knowledge is what every homeowner needs. I will definitely recommend this company to all my friends and family."

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