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Bradenton Property Owners' Guide To Lawn Pest Identification And Control


Sunny and warm, Bradenton is a tropical paradise for visitors and homeowners alike. With stunning beaches, unique wildlife, and pristine islands to explore, people are sure to experience new and exciting adventures daily. Exploring can get exhausting, so it's always nice to have a lovely place to call home, and nothing compliments a beautiful home like a thriving, well-manicured lawn. Without pest control in Bradenton, some local destructive pests might cause area yards to look unkempt and sickly.

Common Types Of Lawn Pests Found In Bradenton Yards

People love to bask in Bradenton's sun and warmth, but these perfect weather conditions are also ideal for lawn pests. Without local lawn care services, lawn-loving pests can soon make a mess of area yards.

Five common lawn pests that affect Bradenton properties include:

  1. Grubs
  2. Billbugs
  3. Chinch bugs
  4. Aphids
  5. Scale bugs

Any one or more of these common lawn pests can contribute to the demise of plants and grasses around your property. Westfall's Lawn and Pest are experts in Bradenton lawn care and have treatments that can restore yards to their pristine conditions.

The Damage Lawn Pests Can Create In A Lawn

Lawn pests have unique characteristics and habits that damage area lawns differently. Some pests eat the roots of turf grasses, leaving them yellow; if left untreated, the lack of roots can cause the turf to die. Other pests chew on grass stems (leaving tiny holes) and lay eggs on them. Larvae will feed off the stem/crown until they eventually go into the soil and start eating the roots; this often leaves irregular patches of dead grass in yards.

Some pests deposit eggs in leaf sheaths to protect their young, who feed off of sap near the stem/crown of some grasses. Damages will start small and spread outward, stunting the plant's growth and causing it to look yellowed/burnt brown, lifeless, or dead. Other pests have piercing-sucking mouthparts and feast on the sap of plants. Their damages leave plants with a black, sooty mold or a dusty-colored fungus. Sometimes the undersides of leaves can get yellow spots and cause leaves to fall off early. Damages can even extend to branches, twigs, and even tree trunks. Lawn pests can take a toll on area lawns, but local lawn care services from Westfall's Lawn and Pest help keep properties safe from turf-damaging insects.

Naturally Effective Lawn Pest Prevention Tips

Homeowners can do much to ensure their lawns stay healthy and flourishing. Beautiful properties directly impact the value of homes, and a healthy lawn can also help with temperature control and noise reduction.

Four prevention tips homeowners can use to protect their lawns from pests naturally include:

  1. Mow grass at its highest recommended height. (Never remove more than 1/3 of the leaf blade at once).
  2. Keep mower blades sharp; dull blades tear the blades and make them susceptible to disease and pests.
  3. Don't overwater lawns. Watering should be occasional; homeowners should apply only 1/2 to 3/4 inches of water when necessary.
  4. Water lawns early (around sunrise) to ensure grass blades dry throughout the day; this reduces the chances of disease.

While these steps help with lawn care maintenance, pests are often tenacious when seeking the nutrients needed for survival. If lawn pests get a foothold in your yard, it's always best to call in a company like Westfall's Lawn and Pest; we offer professional and effective lawn maintenance services near you.

The Most Effective Lawn Pest Control For Bradenton Lawns

Homeowners can get the most effective lawn maintenance and home pest control services in the Bradenton area from Westfall's Lawn and Pest. Our local, family-owned and operated company has offered effective lawn pest control services since 2001; we have over 20 years of experience caring for local lawns and offer personalized pest control solutions to our customers. You can restore your property to its pristine condition by calling Westfall's Lawn and Pest today to learn about our lawn service options and receive a complimentary evaluation.

"We have used a number of pest control companies over the past 30 years, Carson and the team at Westfall are some of the best in the business! Highly professional, knowledgeable and great to work with.  Highly recommend Westfall for your ALL our Pest Control needs!"

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