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Rodent Control In Bradenton, FL | Westfall's Lawn Care and Pest Control


Rodents are known for their ability to multiply rapidly, which means their population can breed out of control in the span of just a few short weeks. If you've seen even one rat or mouse in or around your home, chances are very high that there are more you can't see. That's why it's important to call for professional rodent control as soon as possible, especially from a local provider.

Thankfully, this doesn't need to be hard to do. When you're in need of professional rodent removal in Bradenton, FL, there's only one name you need to know: Westfall's Lawn and Pest! Our team of licensed professionals can solve your immediate rodent problem and prevent future infestations from recurring as well. Plus, our state-certified technicians have training in the most effective rodent control methods, and we know how to recognize the signs of rodent infestation long before they worsen.

It's time to protect your home with the best pest control can offer. Contact Westfall's Lawn and Pest to set up an initial inspection and estimate.

When rats, mice, or other types of rodents invade your home, household damage won't be far behind. Here in Bradenton, rodents can cause problems ranging from structural damage to disease transfer and even physical attack when backed into a corner. You'll need fast, affordable, and long-lasting services to keep your loved ones safe and germ-free, especially the ones offered by Westfall's Lawn and Pest.

Westfall's Lawn and Pest is home to seasoned rodent control experts with plenty of field experience. We offer prompt, effective treatment to get rid of rodents quickly and ensure they don't come back. Partnered with our same-day services and Integrated Pest Management methodologies, you can trust that no rodent can withstand the services we provide!

Westfall's Lawn and Pest offers the following rodent control services:

  • Inspections: Rodent inspections from Westfall's Lawn and Pest are always free! We'll scout all around your building to check for the signs and symptoms of rodents and give you a full report of our findings. We'll even ID the rodents on your behalf; no guesswork here!
  • Treatments: Westfall's Lawn and Pest creates a custom rodent control plan that largely depends on your needs. We offer baiting programs that will tempt rodents outside your house and trapping to remove smaller infestations.
  • Follow-Up Services: We never want you to deal with rodent infestations again! That's why Westfall's Lawn and Pest takes time to identify any places where rodents can enter your home and prevent further infestations in the future.

Rodent control services in Bradenton are just a phone call away! Contact the crew at Westfall's Lawn and Pest to get started on solutions right away.

We look all over your home for the signs and symptoms of rodents. We'll also ID the pest on your behalf.

We apply baits and traps around your home to get rid of rodents. We adapt our approach to meet your needs.

We stop rodents from returning by identifying possible entry points. Our Integrated Pest Management methodology speaks for itself!

Even if you haven't physically seen a rat or mouse, there are telltale signs of their presence. These include droppings found along baseboards, in boxes or bags, or near where food is stored or prepared, such as the kitchen pantries, drawers, cabinets, or bins. You may notice chewed spots or holes in food packages, such as pasta, grain products, or pet food bags. You may also hear rodents as they're nesting or moving around, especially at night.

A two-pronged approach can be effective in keeping rats and mice from taking up residence in your home. First, don't give them access to your food. Keep your kitchen clear of crumbs and store cereals and grains in sealed containers that they can't chew through. Second, eliminate entry points. Remember that some rodents can squeeze through openings as small as a quarter inch.

The professionals at Westfall's Lawn and Pest use baits and traps to remove rodents in Bradenton. We also identify entry points that may encourage their activity in the future. Just call Westfall's Lawn and Pest today to discuss a treatment plan.

Rodent activity may be outside of your control, but with the team at Westfall's Lawn and Pest by your side, their infestation locations are anything but unmanageable. We make it easy to keep rats, mice, and even squirrels away from your property and have the skills and experience needed to complete the job with excellence.

Call Westfall's Lawn and Pest today to inquire about a rodent and home pest control quote.

"My yard consistently looks great. I find the technician that does the applications knows my lawn like the back of his hand. They are reasonably priced and deliver superior service!"

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