Landscaping In Ellenton, FL

Quality Landscaping In Ellenton, FL

Ellenton is a small but growing community that overlooks the Manatee River. This uninterrupted access gives residents the ability to enjoy water sports and scenic views whenever they desire. In addition to the slips and docks, locals get to enjoy tasty bistros, good public schools, flea markets, and an overall small-town feel while still having everything they need. Living in Ellenton also means that larger cities such as Tampa and St. Petersburg are never too far away either. But maintaining a well-cared-for lawn in this area can be more challenging than you might think, with environmental conditions and pest problems at the ready. 

At Westfall’s Lawn and Pest, we provide quality landscaping in Ellenton, FL, that can meet your needs, whatever they may be. We are a locally owned family company that has more than two decades of experience creating safer and healthier lawns for our community. Our team is state-certified and composed of the best technicians in the business. We offer a comprehensive lawn care program that will help keep your lawn looking and feeling good throughout the year. 

Some of our lawn services extend to include fertilization, shrub & ornamental care, and tree injections. And as local pest experts, we can also address the pests that may invade the area around your home. If you’re ready to start taking your lawn seriously, call us today to schedule your no-obligation inspection!

Residential Lawn Care In Ellenton

Living in Ellenton comes with lots of benefits, whether that entails having a kind and thriving community or getting to enjoy a boat ride whenever you desire. But it also means needing to pay extra attention to your lawn because of the numerous issues it could encounter. At Westfall’s Lawn and Pest, we have more than two decades of experience providing lawn care in the area. Our technicians are highly qualified and always have the best products and equipment available to them. When you partner with us, you’re benefiting from a team that has extensive experience with the very same issues that your lawn is facing. 

Our general lawn care process always begins with a total lawn inspection so that we can fully understand the status of your property. We do this at every visit so that we are also able to stay ahead of potential problems. This information is then used to create a customized treatment plan that we maintain throughout the year. Some of the services that are included in our residential programs include insecticide applications, fungal treatments, and the use of micronutrients and fertilizers that are adaptable on a seasonal basis. For more information on residential lawn care, call us today.

Commercial Lawn Care In Ellenton

The lawn around your Ellenton business is the first thing that potential customers see as they approach your front door. If you want to help build a good impression, then you may want to consider professional lawn services. At Westfall’s Lawn and Pest, we are dedicated to keeping businesses’ lawns like yours healthy and looking good. We combine our two decades of experience along with consistent training and the highest quality tools and products. As one of our customers, you will always have access to our reliable customer service and ease of scheduling as well.

In order to fully ensure that your lawn is well-maintained, we provide routine property inspections and treatments. These visits help us to have an ongoing picture of your lawn’s health, whether that entails fungal issues and diseases, pest invasions, or any other issues. While each customer benefits from a unique service plan, we have insecticides, micronutrients, fertilizers, and fungicides at our disposal to use whenever your lawn needs them. In addition to our general lawn care, we also offer specialty services such as tree injections, ornamental care, and fertilization, all for your benefit. For more information on our commercial lawn care offerings, please call us today.

How Fertilization Services Help Ellenton Lawns Grow Strong

Fertilization might seem like a fairly straightforward process in Ellenton, as people can purchase bags at the store any time of year. However, local lawns are best served when they are maintained and treated by a lawn professional. Some of the benefits of working with a pro on these services include:

  • Use of best products: Not all lawns are the same, which means that they may require different types of fertilizers. A pro is going to be able to find the best match for each lawn and will always have products that can’t be bought in stores. 

  • Build a healthier lawn: With the proper application of the right products, well-fertilized lawns can avoid drainage problems and pest invasions, and increase the health of shrubs and other plants.

  • Proactive visits: By engaging in professional lawn care, property owners can also benefit from the thorough inspections that technicians will perform. This can alert them to any potential issues so that they can be curbed quickly. 

At Westfall’s Lawn and Pest, we offer unparalleled fertilization services that help keep local lawns thriving. This is a monthly program that delivers customized fertilizer applications, weed treatments, insecticides, and pre-emergents, all with a satisfaction guarantee. For more information on professional fertilization, please call us today!

Tips To Care For Your Ellenton Lawn's Shrubs And Ornamentals

Shrubs and ornamentals are a great way to add character and curb appeal to your Ellenton lawn. Here are a few quick tips for how you can best care for them:

  • Weed when necessary. Instead of letting sneaky weeds choke out the nutrients from your plants, weed on a set schedule. There are certain times of year when weeding is more impactful and that is determined by local conditions. You’ll also want to avoid watering or feeding these weeds. 

  • Don’t fear mulch. Mulch is more than a decorative component of lawns. When you mulch properly, it can help your shrubs get the moisture and nutrients that they need while also blocking out the sun to avoid weed growth.

  • Limit pest activity. Keeping pests off your lawn is also a key way to improve the health of shrubs. You can do so by limiting wildlife activity, getting rid of debris accumulation, and seeking exterior pest control. 

  • Bring in assistance. The most effective way to care for your shrubs and ornaments is with professional services from a trained lawn care expert. 

To learn more about professional shrub and ornamental care, call Westfall’s Lawn and Pest today.