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Located just minutes away from Bradenton and nestled among the banks of the beautiful Manatee River rests the lovely little community of Ellenton. Our community has nearly 3100 people who are proud to call this area home. However, one thing that nobody is proud of is the persistence of pest problems! No matter what you do to stop them, pests of all shapes and sizes are always searching for ways to invade your property and gain access to the resources inside.

Your best defense against invading pests is a long-lasting pest control plan from Westfall's Lawn and Pest. We have over 20 years of experience controlling and preventing pest problems in Ellenton and throughout the greater Bradenton, Florida area. Take your residential or commercial property back from pests by partnering with our professionals here at Westfall's Lawn and Pest for all your pest control needs. 

Whether you’re looking for spider control, termite control, or preventative treatments, you can count on us to deliver exactly what you need. Reach out to us today to find out which pest control program is right for your Ellenton property.

Residential Pest Control In Ellenton

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Your home is supposed to be a sanctuary where you can rest and relax without worrying about the day's problems. However, when pests infest your residential property, they’re invading your peaceful, safe haven and turning it into a stressful environment. Pests of all shapes and sizes live throughout Ellenton, which means you need to stay one step ahead of them.

When rodents, insects, and other common pests threaten your peace of mind, your best option to remove them is a year-round residential pest control plan from Westfall's Lawn and Pest. We will provide high-quality pest management solutions to ensure your Ellenton home remains free of pests throughout every season. Don’t allow pest problems to turn your home environment into a living nightmare. Instead, turn to Westfall's Lawn and Pest for ongoing pest control services you can depend on all year.

Commercial Pest Control In Ellenton

As a business owner, you understand the meaning of hard work and dedication. After all, owning a business is a huge undertaking that requires a lot of time and commitment. And to own a successful business, you have to provide your customers with an experience that leaves a lasting impression. However, if your customers spot a mouse running through your rafters or a cockroach skittering across your floors, the impression left behind won’t be a positive one.

The only way to ensure the protection of your property, health, and reputation from pests is to invest in a professional commercial pest control plan from Westfall's Lawn and Pest. By utilizing a variety of proven pest control methods, we protect Ellenton businesses from all kinds of common pests. We’ll work with you to identify the root of your pest problems and promptly eliminate it. We provide one-time, monthly, and quarterly commercial pest control programs depending on the needs of your business. With our professionals on the job, you can rest assured that we’ll take care of pest infestations before they can adversely affect your reputation.

Get in touch with Westfall's Lawn and Pest today to find out more about our pest control programs or request an inspection.

How To Detect Termites On Your Ellenton Property

Ellenton is home to many bothersome and destructive pests, but few pests cause as much damage as termites. Despite their small size and tendency to stay out of the sight of humans, termites can inflict thousands of dollars worth of damage to residential and commercial properties. Even a smaller termite colony can eat through a wooden plank in as little as five months. When a termite colony reaches hundreds of thousands of individual termites, the destruction they cause becomes extensive. One way to reduce the amount of damage termites cause is to identify their presence within the early stages of an infestation. Keep an eye out for these signs of termite activity on your Ellenton property:

  • Bubbling or uneven paint that appears similar to water damage
  • Squeaking or bowing floorboards
  • Doors and windows that become stuck or more difficult to open and close 
  • Wood that sounds hollow when tapped on
  • Termite swarmers flying around your property
  • Silvery-white termite wings lying around the exterior of your home or business
  • Mud tubes on your wall and foundation
  • Maze-like patterns carved into wooden chairs or other furniture

After seeing signs of termites in your Ellenton home or business, you should always contact a professional pest control provider for help. Westfall's Lawn and Pest has been serving the communities of Florida for over 20 years, which means you can depend on us for all your pest management needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for more details about our effective termite control and prevention services.

Call Us At The First Sign Of Bed Bugs In Your Ellenton Home

The best defense against a bed bug infestation is to have year-round pest control. These tiny insects hide in dark nooks and crannies and are hard to detect. Homeowners may confuse itchy bumps on their bodies for something other than bed bugs. These pests require professional exclusion.

Westfall's Lawn and Pest Control can solve a bed bug infestation plaguing homeowners. Discovering these insects in a clean home is unimaginable, but these parasites have clever ways to enter your abode.

At the first sign of bed bugs, call the pros immediately. Here are some clear signs:

  • Bed linens, mattresses, headboards, and upholstered furniture have tiny dark brown or red specks.
  • You see live or dead bugs or shed exoskeletons in luggage, bedding, or around boxes.
  • You have clusters or rows of itchy, raised bumps on your torso, arms, or legs.

When people visit hotels, use public transit, or have visitors, this can cause an infestation. Be cautious about bringing in boxes, bags, or secondhand items with hidden bugs.

Call Westfall's Lawn and Pest Control for the most effective bed bug control for your home.

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