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With a location in Manatee County, the city of Parrish offers something for everyone to enjoy. Parrish is a highly desirable area for home buyers, thanks to its proximity to major cities and thoroughfares. In addition, residents and visitors alike enjoy access to a diverse mix of beaches, shopping, recreation, and more, making the city feel like paradise. 

However, despite its nearly perfect setting, different types of pests also love Parrish, making it necessary to invest in ongoing pest control services. Our team knows pests are unwanted, which is why we jump right in to provide the residential and commercial pest control services needed to get you back to pest-free.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field, you can count on our team at Westfall's Lawn and Pest to deliver unbeatable pest control in Parrish that will have you living pest-free without fail. In addition, we also proudly provide lawn care services for complete service you won't find anywhere else.

Take back control of your Parrish property by trusting our team with your pest control needs! Contact us today to get started on your pest-free life!

Residential Pest Control In Parrish

One story residential home in Parrish, FL

Pests in your home are bad news. Depending on the nature of your infestation, you could experience safety hazards, property damage, and even be at risk for illnesses the longer pests are allowed to remain. The good news is that residential pest control from our team is the only solution you need to take back control. 

At Westfall's Lawn and Pest, we focus on providing customizable pest control programs to meet your unique needs. Some of the things we may do or offer, depending on the results of our inspection, include but aren't limited to:

  • Guaranteed interior protection.
  • De-webbing and nest knockdown service.
  • Full exterior perimeter treatment.
  • And more!

After the initial visit, we'll set you up with recurring services, if desired, to help you remain pest-free. We offer monthly or quarterly pest control programs for your home, depending on your needs and wants.

Don't let pests overrun your home a minute longer! Reach out to Westfall's Lawn and Pest today to explore your residential pest control options and take the first step toward becoming pest-free!

Commercial Pest Control In Parrish

The last thing you need to affect your place of business is a pest invasion. Beyond the usual problems pest cause, you also have to worry about things like negative reviews or building code violations, making them something you can't afford to ignore. Fortunately, our commercial pest control program will get you back to business as usual in no time.

We owe our success to our adaptability, which is why we're prepared to address the unique needs of your business, regardless of your industry. Some types of businesses we service include but aren't limited to:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Condos
  • Medical buildings
  • Office buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • And more!

Upon arrival, we'll start with a comprehensive inspection while discussing with you what you've experienced so far. After the assessment, we'll design a customized treatment plan to eliminate today's pest problems and set up recurring services to help you remain pest-free in the future.

Don't settle for anything less than the best for your commercial pest control needs! Contact Westfall's Lawn and Pest today to explore your options and start focusing on your customers again!

Organic Mosquito Control Solutions For Parrish Property Owners

Parrish, FL, is no stranger to mosquitoes, thanks to the warm temperatures and high humidity. However, that doesn't mean you and your loved ones should have to deal with them. That's why we provide organic mosquito control in Parrish to safely and effectively tackle your mosquito problems at their source. 

At Westfall's Lawn and Pest, we take pride in providing a treatment that's not harmful to humans or pets but eliminates your mosquito infestation. The way our solution works is that it repels and kills mosquitoes at all stages of growth for maximum coverage and protection that lasts long beyond the initial treatment.

Keep mosquitoes away for good by teaming up with Westfall's Lawn and Pest! Contact us today to discuss your organic mosquito control needs and start planning outdoor events in no time!

Does Your Parrish Home Have A Rodent Problem?

It's no secret that rodents are highly undesirable when you find them in your Parrish home. Not only do they gnaw on everything, leading to property damage, but they are also known carriers for diseases like tularemia, hantavirus, and more.

Unfortunately, rodents are excellent hiders, making it difficult to know you have a rodent problem at first. The good news is there are a few signs of infestation to help you identify them quicker:

  • Damaged or open food containers
  • Droppings on the floor or other surfaces
  • A heavy smell of ammonia
  • Noises in the walls, like squeaking and scratching
  • Rub marks along the baseboards
  • Chew marks on items like cords or even furniture
  • Sighting a rodent

If you notice or observe any of these signs, you likely have a rodent problem on your hands and need professional rodent control services. Our team has the necessary training and experience to solve your immediate rodent problem while preventing future infestations. To accomplish this, we offer baiting and trapping solutions in addition to locating high-traffic areas and hot spots to cut them off at the source.

Say goodbye to your rodent problems for good by teaming up with Westfall's Lawn and Pest! Contact us today for your rodent control needs and become rodent-free in no time!

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