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Keeping The Palm Trees In Your Bradenton Yard At Their Best


Palm trees are iconic and beautiful. Just one look at a palm tree is enough to send someone's mind adrift with images of paradise, relaxation, beautiful sunsets, sandy beaches, and exotic drinks. But are you treating the palm trees on your property right to maximize their health?

Westfall's Lawn and Pest provides local tree service in Bradenton and the surrounding area. We want to help you keep your palm trees in pristine shape. Read on to learn about these wonderful trees and how we can help you take care of them and all your Bradenton lawn care spraying needs.

The Many Different Types Of Palm Tree

Believe it or not, the palm tree isn't one tree. There are over 2,000 species of palm trees in total, though in Florida, we have only 12. Each one has distinct traits that make them unique as well as easily recognized similarities.

Florida's most common palm trees include:

  • Needle palm
  • Miami palmetto 
  • Cabbage palm
  • Florida silver palm
  • Thatch palm

Knowing your trees is the first step to understanding what palm tree service is right for you. Let a Westfall Lawn and Pest specialist help identify your tree and its specific needs during our comprehensive inspection.

The Growth And Water Needs Of A Palm Tree

If you're like most people, you haven't put much thought into what a tree needs to thrive. As a result, they seemingly get everything they need with little interference from us. But a hands-off attitude can lead trees to suffer and stunt their growth.

Water palm trees two or three times a week, assuming it hasn't rained since you last watered. But be sure to check the soil for moisture first; if the top two inches are still moist, wait until it's completely dry to water. In the winter time, water sparingly to avoid damaging the plant.

But there's more to caring for palm trees than ensuring they have enough water. Westfall's Lawn and Pest palm tree service in Bradenton includes fertilizer, insecticide, and fungicide applications to keep the tree and the underlying soil in good shape. Call us today for a complimentary estimate.

Palm Tree Care And Maintenance Tips

Tending to your palm tree's needs is more manageable with professional help, but you can do plenty on your own.

Here are some essential tips to help you track your tree's well-being:

  • Be careful when pruning: If your variety of tree doesn't shed fonds naturally, you only want to trim yellowing sections or year-old growth. Inquire about professional tree trimming services in Bradenton if you're unsure what's safe to cut. 
  • Don't overwater your palm tree: They're hardy plants that need very little water when they mature. A good rule of thumb is to ensure your soil has good drainage and avoid letting the water pool up top. 
  • Utilize mulch in the winter: Spread it on a tree's roots to help them stay warm.

If you want to know everything you can do to care for your palm trees, let Westfall's Lawn and Pest guide you through it. Regular inspections can reveal when a tree is overwatered, when you need tree trimming service, the health of your soil, and other vital factors you can tend to both on your own and with our professional technicians.

Professional Tree Services Keeps Your Palm Trees At Their Best

If you've been asking yourself, "Where can I get professional palm tree services in my area?" look no further than us. Westfall's Lawn and Pest has over twenty years in the lawn care business. We'll work with you no matter your needs to get your lawn in tip-top shape, from the smallest blades of grass to the tallest trees.

Call us today to schedule your first inspection!

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