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Ant Control 101: What Every Bradenton Homeowner Needs To Know


Ants are one of the most familiar insects found around or inside homes and other structures. Thankfully, Westfall's Lawn and Pest offers Bradenton's most reliable and advanced pest control to pulverize ant colonies and restore peaceful living conditions. Please continue reading to learn more about these insects and how qualified pest experts consistently offer the best ant control solutions to keep them away.

Types Of Ants Common To The Area

If you're a Bradenton resident, you've probably come across several species of ants at some point. Some species include Argentine ants, thief ants, white-footed ants, ghost ants, big-headed ants, fire ants, carpenter ants, pharaoh ants, and crazy ants. Whatever type of ant you encounter around your property, contact professional pest control to set up a home evaluation. 

The Problems An Ant Infestation Can Create In Your Home

Ants in Bradenton may not seem as threatening as cockroaches, but these intrusive insects can cause many problems in your home. Fire ants can cause physical harm by inflicting painful stings if you disturb their nests. Not only do they attack in large groups, but they won't stop stinging until you forcefully brush them away. The aftermath will likely result in an intense burning sensation followed by itchy welts and bumps. 

Like termites, carpenter ants are wood excavators that can eventually destroy your home's wooden structures and interiors. Homeowners often don't realize they've been infested as these ants work silently, chewing away while inside your wood materials. 

And if thief ants or ghost ants invade your pantry or kitchen areas, they could contaminate your stored dry goods, utensils, and eating surfaces, leading to food poisoning. Also, ghost ants can stink up your home if stepped on or crushed.

If you need help eliminating any species of these insects, contact professional ant pest control specialists for further assistance.

All The Factors That Attract Ants To Homes

When ants trespass onto your property and intrude into your home, it's typically because they're searching for food, water, and shelter. Ants are omnivores, which means they eat animal and plant matter, which most homes have in abundance. Before you think you have no choice but to co-exist with these insects, look around your residence to see if you're inadvertently attracting ants. For help determining if this is the case, check out the list below of the most common ant attractants:

  • Stagnant or standing water
  • Sugary or sweet smells
  • Sweet-smelling flowers and plants
  • Leftover (pet) food
  • Oil and grease

Fortunately, you can take some actions to discourage ants from targeting your residence as their next stopping point. Never leave uneaten food out instead of storing it properly in airtight containers. Clean up crumbs and scrub the inside of trash bins to remove sticky food residue. Take out your trash often and make sure lids fit snugly. Consult with your local pest control company for more ant prevention tips or to schedule a treatment service.

The Most Effective Ant Control Method For Bradenton Homes

Looking for the most effective ant control for your home? It starts by partnering with a professional home pest elimination company with a proven track record of success. Experienced pest specialists have the background, knowledge, and skills the average property doesn't possess. They also have access to the most advanced equipment to quickly get the job done, allowing you to resume the peaceful standard of living you deserve.

At Westfall's Lawn and Pest, we've made an indelible mark in the pest management industry by delivering the highest quality ant control in Bradenton that our residents can trust. We're well-equipped to clear the most challenging infestation to restore your health, comfort, and safety. Allow our team to put together a strategic plan of attack that precisely fits your needs. Reach out to us today, so we can start providing the most effective ant control in your house.

"My yard consistently looks great. I find the technician that does the applications knows my lawn like the back of his hand. They are reasonably priced and deliver superior service!"

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