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Call The Pros At The First Sign Of Cockroaches In Your Sarasota Home


With warmer weather approaching, pests of all varieties will soon be back in season, and there are few pests more infuriating than the cockroach. Many homeowners make the mistake of attempting to get rid of cockroaches themselves, but this usually just increases stress and frustration without solving the original problem. If you find yourself in need of pest control in Sarasota, contact our team at Westfall’s Lawn Care and Pest Control. We’ll make sure you get the help you need.

Clear Signs Of A Cockroach Infestation In Your Home

Cockroaches are six-legged insects with flat, oval-shaped bodies and two antennae. Adults of most species range in color from shades of brown to black. These pests are usually nocturnal. Stay alert for the following signs of cockroach infestation.

  • Cockroach droppings, which resemble coffee grounds or black pepper
  • Irregular brown smear marks, usually left on wall-floor junctions and other places where cockroaches are active
  • Egg capsules, each about the size of a kidney bean
  • Shed skin of varying sizes, especially near the source of the infestation
  • Property damage, not only to food packaging, but also items like wood, plastic, and leather
  • An unpleasant smell caused by cockroach feces and designed to attract more cockroaches

If you notice any of these signs of a cockroach infestation, don’t hesitate to call the pros at Westfall’s Lawn Care and Pest Control.

The Health Risks Of A Cockroach Infestation In Your Home

Cockroaches in Sarasota pick up germs and bacteria on the spines of their legs. These pests are known to carry more than thirty-three types of contagious bacteria, including salmonella and E. coli. Food poisoning and diarrhea are common results of the diseases they carry. Their droppings, saliva, and shed skin contain powerful allergens that can cause allergy attacks in some people. Children with asthma are especially vulnerable.

Why Do-It-Yourself Cockroach Control Usually Fails

Cockroaches are extremely difficult to kill. They can survive freezing temperatures and live for a week without their heads. As long as they have water, some species can live for months without food. Their eggs are naturally resistant to many common insecticides. While glue traps help estimate the extent of a cockroach infestation and locate areas of high concentration, they aren’t designed to eliminate the problem. Roaches breed and spread quickly, so by the time the infestation is discovered, it may be too late for the average homeowner to get rid of it on their own. Some over-the-counter cockroach control products may slow or mitigate an infestation, but your best option is almost always calling a professional pest control service. They will have the necessary tools and experience to get rid of an infestation permanently.

Call The Professionals For Total Cockroach Elimination For Your Home

Here are some important precautions you can take to reduce the likelihood of a cockroach infestation in your Sarasota home.

  • Clean up excess food particles and loose food items; don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink or crumbs on the counter.
  • Keep your trash cans tightly sealed and take out the trash regularly.
  • Reduce moisture in areas such as the basement or attic, under the sink, and behind the toilet.
  • Make sure that cracks and gaps in the exterior of your home are properly covered or sealed; cockroaches may find a way in, even if your home is clean.
  • Don’t leave any standing water, such as in open showers or pet bowls, and be sure to fix leaky pipes and faucets.
  • Search any used furniture or other household items before bringing them into your home.
  • Remove unnecessary clutter, such as cardboard boxes, newspapers, and bags.

If you find yourself dealing with a cockroach infestation, don’t panic. A professional pest control service is the best way to get rid of cockroaches, and our pest professionals at Westfall’s Lawn Care and Pest Control have over twenty years of experience helping customers like you. We are locally owned and operated and offer same-day services. We’ll help you reclaim your space and return your life to normal with a personalized pest control solution. Contact us today to get started and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Sarasota.

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