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The Many Benefits Of A Properly Fertilized Venice Lawn


As a Venice homeowner, many things bring you joy, such as completing DIY projects, basking in the beautiful sun in your backyard, and the pure bliss and satisfaction of a beautiful lawn.

However, a beautiful lawn doesn't just happen; it takes hard work and regular lawn care to maintain a lush, fertilized lawn. You, of course, can care for your lawn yourself, but it will require knowledge of the right tools and products. You can add this to the many things that bring Venice homeowners joy, but you have to consider the actual undertaking of lawn maintenance service on your own.

Westfall's Lawn and Pest have over 20 years of experience in lawn care. Trust your yard to only the best Venice lawncare spraying company. Give us a call to start your beautiful lawn or revitalize it.

The Best Fertilizing Schedule For Venice Lawns

An effective fertilization program can limit weed growth and stop the spread of harmful insects in your yard. However, determining the ideal time for you to fertilize can be challenging. Florida's lawn maintenance frequently deviates from usual standards and rules. Considerations for fertilizer timing include a humid atmosphere and continuous sunlight. Here's a fertilizer timeline to follow:

  • Early spring: Apply fertilizer between February and April, when your grass is beginning to grow aggressively (around the time your lawn needs its first mowing).
  • Late spring: Apply fertilizer between April and June, six to eight weeks after the early spring fertilizing.
  • Summer: Apply fertilizer between June and August, six to eight weeks following the late spring fertilizing. 
  • Fall: Apply fertilizer six to eight weeks after the summer fertilizing, between August and November.

We have been providing pest and lawn treatment services for over 20 years and are passionate about our outcomes. To receive an evaluation of your lawn at no cost, get in touch with Westfall's Lawn and Pest.

Fertilizing Your Lawn Provides It With Vital Nutrients

Fertilizer gives your lawn the vital nutrients it needs to develop substantially and healthily, reducing the likelihood that pests and illnesses will harm it. Most of what your grass needs is in these three nutrients:

  • Nitrogen is what makes your lawn green and encourages leaf growth. 
  • Phosphorous aids in promoting flowering and root growth.
  • Potassium helps the body absorb water and combat sickness.

At Westfall's Lawn and Pest, we only use fertilizer products of the finest caliber. Thanks to our proactive approach, your lawn will remain lush, green, and lovely all year; call to get started.

The Problems That Can Come Up With Do-It-Yourself Fertilizing

There will always be the debate of lawn care service vs. do it yourself. When deciding whether to DIY lawn care or hire a lawn service company, there are many more aspects to consider besides time and money. Here are reasons why DIY lawn care often fails:

  • Lawn burn
  • Watering improperly
  • Turf disease
  • Compaction
  • Insect damage
  • Lawn striping
  • Soil pH issues

Avoid wasting time and money on a DIY lawn care strategy that doesn't work. You are investing in an important asset; peace of mind, when you hire Westfall's Lawn and Pest to take care of your lawn professionally. To begin your lawn care services, give us a call.

Professional Lawn Fertilizing Is The Best Way To Your Greenest Lawn

Contact Westfall's Lawn and Pest staff if you're prepared to arrange your local lawn fertilizer service in Venice, Florida, or the neighboring areas. You can rely on us to get the job done right every time. If you have any inquiries about our lawn care, we're here to help.

"Jimmy was a lot of help for me and my family from the very beginning. His professionalism and knowledge is what every homeowner needs. I will definitely recommend this company to all my friends and family."

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