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Pantry Pests Identification & Prevention | Westfall's Lawn Care and Pest Control

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Defeating Pesky Pantry Pest Invaders

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Pantry pests invading your food storage areas is a recipe for spoiled food and ongoing nuisance infestations. Instead of DIY pantry pest traps, contact Westfall's Lawn and Pest for your local pantry pest control needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pantry Pests

What are pantry pests?

“Pantry pest” refers to a category of insects that invade human structures and attack stored food, such as cereals, grains, spices, chocolates, flours, and other starchy items. These pests are most commonly moths or beetles, with specific pantry-invading species including the Indian meal moth, mealworms, saw-toothed grain beetle, and the cigarette beetle. 

DIY Pantry pest control products and pantry pest repellents often are hit or miss, making infestations of this pest problematic once they start up. It’s important to contact Westfall's Lawn and Pest at the first sign of pantry pests to quickly eradicate these insects and rescue your food storage spaces from invasion.

Are pantry pests dangerous?

While pantry pests don’t bite humans and are unlikely to spread serious diseases, they do create problems such as food waste and the contamination of stored food items. Pantry pests like your food storage areas and will chew their way through cardboard or plastic in order to feed on the grains and lay their eggs in these areas. Over time, this prolific pest brings significant destruction to food and may continually ruin stored food items until you treat the source of the pantry pest infestation.

Why do I have a pantry pest problem?

Pantry pest problems occasionally start when an adult moth, beetle, or other pantry pest species finds its way in through an open window or door and invades food storage spaces. However, the more likely culprit behind a pantry pest problem on your property is purchasing food items already infested and then storing them in your pantry or kitchen.

Signs of infestations of pantry pests in food items like flours, grains, dried pastas, and other starchy items include damaged packaging, sticky webbing inside or outside food packaging, and all stages of pantry pests seen inside or outside of food items.

Where will I find pantry pests?

You most often find pantry pests in food pantries, which is how they get their name. However, they may also be found in food storage areas like cupboards, kitchens, and drawers, as they love dry, secluded, and food-filled areas.

How do I get rid of pantry pests?

Get rid of pantry pests the easy way by contacting Westfall's Lawn and Pest at the first signs of these insects. With professional help, you can eliminate these pests at the source, saving you from continued food damage and prolonged pantry pest problems.

Contact us today for your free evaluation.

How can I prevent pantry pests in the future?

Stop pantry pest invasions in the future by following these expert prevention tips to keep this pest out:

  • Utilize window and door screens, door sweeps, and weather stripping to fully protect interior areas from pantry pest invaders.
  • Keep windows and doors closed when possible to keep pantry pests outside.
  • Double-check items in grocery stores for signs of damaged packaging or pantry pest invasion before purchasing the item.
  • Use airtight, sealable containers in food pantry areas to make it harder for pantry pests to reach food sources. These containers also ensure that an infestation doesn’t spread if you accidentally purchase an infested item.
  • Clean food pantries often and use older items first to decrease your chances of an infestation starting unnoticed.

Contact Westfall's Lawn and Pest today for more prevention advice or assistance in defeating a pantry pest infestation in your home.

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