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When you encounter pests in your home or business or when your lawn starts having issues, it's common to have questions and concerns. Our Resource Center can help answer those questions by providing important links and information that will help you solve your pest control and lawn care problems.

Due to their small size and sheer numbers that can inhabit their colonies, ants are both adept at getting into residential settings and almost impossible to eliminate once inside. Luckily, the pros at Westfall’s Lawn and Pest are here to help. Learn more about these small household invaders so that you can more effectively keep them out!

Ants Be Gone: Effective Ant Control Solutions For Bradenton Homes

What's The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants In My House In Sarasota?

There are several different species of cockroaches in the Bradenton area, and they’re all unwelcome guests in our homes and businesses. Learn more about these unsanitary pests, why they’re so problematic, and how you can keep your property cockroach-free.

Cockroach Control Done The Right Way For Your Bradenton Home

Say Goodbye To The Mice: The Ultimate Guide For Parrish Homeowners

Rodent Control 101: Essential Tips For Keeping Your Sarasota Home Safe

While they might be a great for the ecosystem, there are few things more unsettling than having spiders in your home. Learn more about common Florida spiders, factors that attract them to homes in the region, and what you can do to put a stop to spider activity.

Spider Wars: How To Win The Battle Against Arachnids In Venice

Termites are small insects that live in large colonies and are notorious for damaging wooden structures. Learn more about termites and how to best protect your home from these wood-destroying pests.

What You Need To Know About Termite Infestations In Bradenton

Termite Control 101: Simplifying The Process For Sarasota Homeowners

Lawn care and weed control in Venice is a challenge. Check out this quick overview that will help you make the best decisions for your lawn.

Maintain A Lush And Healthy Lawn With Professional Lawn Care Services In Bradenton

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