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Effective Pest Control On Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is arguably one of the most beautiful places to live in all of Florida, if not the whole United States. With many residential and commercial properties in our little corner of paradise, there is no end to places to lounge, shop, and eat. Unfortunately, being on an island does not free us from pest problems. There are many local species that would love to invade your home or business. These species are often dangerous or destructive and always annoying. If you are here seeking answers to the pests on your property, we would like to help. Here is what you should know about residential and commercial pest control in Maria Island and what services might be best for your property. Reach out to our team at Westfall’s Lawn and Pest if you would like to talk to our team about professional options for pest control. We would love to talk you through the details about our services and help you find one that will serve your needs.

Residential Pest Control In Anna Maria Island

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Owning a home on Anna Maria Island is a life accomplishment. Whether you have chosen this area as your retirement destination or are lucky enough to call this corner of heaven home, we have something that will make your life more comfortable. We are talking about residential pest control. There are so many pests that will try to invade your property if you allow them to. This includes destructive insects like termites, dangerous rodents like rats, and every pest in between. Our question to you is, what level of protection are you looking for. We have services that range from basic general pest control that deters a wide range of common pests to specialty services for pests like termites. Whatever level of protection you are looking for, we are certain we have options to meet your need. Call us now to discover more about our residential pest control offerings and schedule your Anna Maria Island home for a visit. 

Commercial Pest Control In Anna Maria Island

There is no easy way to say this, if you ignore pests, they will destroy your business sooner or later. Whether it's termites chewing through your walls, cockroaches crawling under a customer's feet, or flies buzzing around, invasive species will cause you trouble. Our goal at Westfall’s Lawn and Pest is to make sure all commercial property owners across Anna Maria Island have access to unmatched commercial pest control services. We work hard to meet our client's needs by inspecting their properties, identifying existing pest pressures, installing treatments, and monitoring results year-round to maximize protection. Start a conversation with our team to learn more about these detailed options. We would love to get you started on a road to total pest freedom and make sure that pests stay out of your Anna Maria Island business through every season. 

Why Do I Have A Rat Infestation In My Anna Maria Island House?

There are few pest problems worse than rat infestations. When these grimy rodents invade homes they bring trouble with them. This trouble includes the threat of disease, property damage, and annoying late-night scratching/scampering. The question is, how do these pests get indoors? They invade in one of two ways. The first method rats use is the squeeze method. They find a gap, crack, or hole big enough and then scoot their nasty bodies through them. Sometimes openings are big enough to easily crawl through, like an open door. If a crack, gap, or hole is not big enough, rats resort to plan b; chewing. These pests have incredibly strong and durable teeth which they use to gnaw through wood, plastic, aluminum siding, vinyl siding, plaster, and drywall. This gives rats many great options when trying to invade local homes. Once indoors these pests look for food, shelter, and things to drink. As long as they can sustain themselves, they will want to stick around and will cause you trouble for as long as possible. To make sure rats do not make your home their permanent dwelling, you need to take action today. If these pests are already inside, get our team involved. We will inspect your living areas, identify where rats are hiding, and use advanced methods to get them out. If you are not dealing with rats currently, we have options to help you keep these pests out. For those that have time, exclusion tips are also effective for rat prevention. Contact our team today to learn more about our rodent control services and find out how we can help you deal with rats in Anna Maria Island. 

What Siesta Key Homeowners Need To Know About Termite Control

The unfortunate truth about termites is that you often don’t realize you have a termite problem until it’s too late: either you’re selling your home, or the damage has become so severe that it’s become noticeable. 

You can’t be reactive when it comes to termites: you need ongoing preventive treatments to stop them from ever becoming a problem in the first place. Anna Maria Island homeowners need professional termite control to ensure they don’t end up with termite damage in the future.

Westfall’s Pest Control pest professionals incorporate a mix of bait stations, trench and treat, and spot treatments to eliminate existing termite problems and prevent new ones from occurring. Contact us today to find out more about how we can protect your Anna Maria Island home from termites. 

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