Expert Lawn Care Is The Best Way To Your Most Beautiful Venice Lawn

We have a lot of challenges keeping our Venice lawns green and beautiful. Tropical storms, constant rain and over saturation, periods of drought, and more pests than you can shake a stick at. These are only the beginning. The more you understand how these many problems that can plague your Venice lawn, the better equipped you are to solve them. But it is a daunting task to learn all you need to learn to apply lawn care products effectively, timely, and in the right order. For this reason, we don't hesitate to say that expert lawn care is the best way to go. If you want your lawn to stay green and not turn into a dry, brown mess, or a paradise for weeds, a trained and experienced lawn care professional is the right choice. However, do you need year-round lawn care service for your property? What problems will a lawn care professional help you overcome? We'll answer these questions, tell you why DIY lawn care and weed control is a chore you may want to avoid, and what a professional brings to the table. As always, before we start, we want to remind you that our service professionals are your local lawn and pest experts. We offer smart and results-based lawncare spraying in Venice, along with all the options you need for a healthy, happy lawn. Contact us at any time for assistance or to schedule service.  

Lawn Care Is A Year-Round Task In Venice

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While we certainly have unique conditions in Venice, like the fact that lawns don't typically go dormant in the winter, your lawn needs something in every season of the year. You have to stay ahead of the unique problems Venice lawns have to deal with each and every year. In winter, your lawn slows down. In spring, your lawn gets way too much water. It is a roller coaster ride.

A lawn care service professional knows what your lawn needs. We do a lot of lawns, and we work with a variety of conditions. The products and methods we use are designed to provide the best overall coverage for your turfgrass. When we visit your yard for a service visit, we're looking for any potential issues that are popping up. Without this ongoing commitment and appropriate seasonal treatments, your lawn can lose its vibrance and start to look dry and dead.

The Many Problems That Can Plague Your Lawn

What are the problems you're looking to avoid? You've probably already seen some of them on your property. As we mention them, you'll likely nod your head. Let's take a quick look at these problems and some reasons why they happen.

Weeds: It doesn't take much for weeds to take root and start to spread across your yard. There are simple, all-natural steps to address certain weeds, such as letting your turf grass grow high enough to overshadow the weeds so they can't get the light they need. You can also pluck weeds by hand—just make sure to pull steady and get the roots out. The most common solution is to throw lawn fertilizer and weed control products on the lawn. But you can do this and still have weeds persist. It is critical to choose the right pre-emergents and post-emergents for the specific weeds in your lawn. 

Oversaturation: This is a big one, we touched on it already. In spring and summer, we can get a ton of rain. All of that rain can wash away topsoil, oversaturate the soil, and give your lawn way too much of a good thing. When topsoil is washed away, nutrients go with it. When your soil gets damp, it can invite diseases. There is also the issue that your lawn needs oxygen. Yes. Plants need oxygen. While your plants take in carbon dioxide from the air, they need oxygen from the soil. The result of poor oxygen and oversaturation is often root rot.

Diseases: The list of lawn diseases that attack Venice lawns is shocking. We have brown patch, dollar spots, root rot, grey leaf spots, fairy rings, and more. These diseases often occur when lawns are oversaturated. But there is no way to keep the water off your lawn, so you need to know how to address turfgrass diseases with appropriate products. 

Drought Stress: Not getting enough water is just as bad as getting too much water. Have you ever noticed lawns turning brown in the fall or winter? That is typically a drought issue. A lawn that is under drought stress needs fertilizer. If you're putting fertilizer down only in the spring to encourage new growth, you're depriving your lawn of an essential piece for healthy growth during the time of year when it isn't getting enough water. Adding fertilizer and watering your lawn can bring it back to life.

Pests: There are so many pests in Florida, it's alarming! We have armyworms nibbling on the tops of our grass. We have grubs that nibble at the roots of our grass. We have chinch bugs, mole crickets, sod webworms, and so many more. All of these pests attack your turfgrass in unique ways. The damage caused by these pests is sometimes mistaken for drought stress, disease, or weed issues.    

The primary benefit to having year-round lawn and weed control is that we address these problems with effective solutions, and you don't have to think about them! Our service professionals are trained to proactively provide your lawn with what it needs and evaluate your lawn to determine what it needs throughout the year. Say goodbye to weeds, disease, fungus, pests, drought stress, and oversaturation.

Do-It-Yourself Lawn Care Can Be Really Inconvenient

We've talked about the challenges of applying lawn care products, like lawn weed control and fertilizer, and how a lawn care service professional is trained to apply lawn care maintenance appropriately, but there is another big benefit. It is really convenient. Here are a few facts to consider:

  • You have to plan and schedule to get out into your yard and apply products when they're needed.
  • You have to track weather conditions and do the work when the work needs to get done.
  • You need to get out into the hot sun and apply these products while the sweat is running down your neck and the small of your back. 
  • When things don't go right, you have to get out there and do it all over again.

It's a hassle. Often, Venice residents just give up and let their lawns go for a while. But, at some point, they have to get back at it. When they do, they're in an even worse situation.

Professional Lawn Care Is The Best Care For Your Lawn

Year-round lawn care and weed control is the best solution for your Venice lawn. If you contact Westfall's Lawn and Pest, what can you expect? What services do lawn care companies provide? We offer comprehensive services for lawns, landscaping, and tree treatments.  

  • We inspect your lawn and evaluate its unique needs. We consider the pH balance, the type of grass you have, pest issues, diseases present, and the variety of weeds.
  • We create a plan specifically for your lawn and its needs, which may include fertilization, weed control, insecticides, and fungicides. 
  • We apply your treatments throughout the year according to a schedule that works best for you. 
  • We address the nutrient needs of your ornamental plants and offer tree injections to keep all of your vegetation healthy.
  • We select appropriate control measures for the lawn pests we mentioned above and deal with other common lawn pests, such as fire ants.

All of your services are customized to your needs. One size does not fit all. We know that your lawn, landscaping, and trees require special treatment. The job of a lawn care and landscape professional is to provide the essential products needed to nourish your plants and protect them from harmful organisms. All you have to do is cut your grass and trim your landscape vegetation. Most of the work is taken care of by our team of helpful and knowledgeable lawn care and pest control service professionals.

Your lawn can bring so much joy into your life. It provides curb appeal and creates special places where you can do life. It is where your kids play. It is where you have cookouts. It is where special occasions, like birthdays, reunions, graduations, receptions, and anniversaries happen. Year-round lawn care is worth the investment. It keeps your yard ready for the moments that matter most to you. 

Do you live in Venice? Consider jumping to our contact page and telling us a little about your expectation. Let us know what you want from your lawn care service. We'll consider your needs and get back to you with some helpful information to guide you toward a solution that will work best for you. Westfall's Lawn and Pest is your source for expert advice and exceptional service.

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